Racetrack Stalls

Racetrack horse stalls from RAMM are a portable horse stall option that is durable enough for use in a permanent setting. This portable stall system features a heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanized frame for superior rust protection. These freestanding stalls for horses are stackable for easy transport and are easy to set-up and take down. Installation includes inserting the puckboard (included), and attaching panels together with our exclusive connector system (not included). Freestanding horse stalls can make your farm life simpler and more enjoyable, and your horses will appreciate it too!

The swing-out door is simple to operate, and lightweight puckboard adds extreme strength. The puckboard is easily sanitized with a solution of bleach and water. At RAMM, we only offer equine products that have been farm tested, and these racetrack horse stalls have passed the test! These stalls for horses are extremely popular for racetracks, boarding and breeding facilities, as well as family farms. Several door and feeding options are available with this portable stall to reduce chore time.

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