Dublin Portable Panel Horse Stalls

*RAMM is the industry's premier hot-dip galvanizer for horse stalls.

Our Dublin portable panel stall systems are a freestanding, portable horse stall containment systems. These stall systems are very strong and can be used as both, permanent or temporary equine stalls - so don't let the word "portable" make you think otherwise! They feature a full-frame design that allows them to be installed without any existing support posts. This is great for clear span and post-free barns. They can be installed as temporary stalls for at horse shows, trade fairs, and events because they are stackable and transport easily. These stall systems are also strong and durable enough to be installed in your equine stable on a more permanent basis.

Each Dublin portable panel stall system is completely welded together with the implementation of our hidden welds. Each weld is done on the inside of the u-channel for a clean, professional look. This also means that there are no sharp weld burrs for horses to get hurt on. Our number one mission in our company is a safer alternative solution and our Dublin portable panel stall systems are no exception. These stalls also have no exposed wooden edges, so horses can not chew or crib on the wood stall boards.

These stalls systems can be customized to meet your barns specific requirements. All panels are fabricated after ordering so we can make sure that each stall system will fit into any facility or barn. The Dublin portable panel stalls come in either hot-dip galvanized finish for a rust free finish or a powder coated black finish for an elegant, classic look. We also offer custom powder coat colors for an additional fee. Each system is made right here in the USA by our expert welders and fabricators.

Connect our Dublin portable panel stall systems with our heavy-duty stall connectors. Our stall connectors are made out of one piece heavy-duty 14-gauge galvanized steel. We have a wide variety of stall connectors to meet any stall layout for your barn. Speak with one of our solution experts to find out exactly what you’ll need for your layout.