Choosing a Stall System for Your Barn

Choosing a Stall System for Your Barn

Thinking of building a barn or renovating an old one? You should know that Ramm Stalls and Horse Fencing has been offering quality stall systems for more than 20 years. As with every product we sell, our stall systems offer comprehensive choice, quality craftsmanship, durability, and affordability. Of course, safety is always our number one priority here at Ramm, so all of our stall systems are built with the most accident prone horse in mind. Let’s look at what you need to know before you go stall shopping.

Common Terms
Before you begin your research, you’ll want to know some important stall-shopping terms. Below, we list a few of the most common. 

Gauge refers to the thickness of the steel used in construction. The lower the number, the stronger the steel. We use a 14-gauge steel on the body of our stalls and a 16-gauge steel on all the grill work. This offers a superior strength over most stall systems on the market. Although aluminum is sometimes used, it does not have the strength of steel and will bend or even crack under horse pressure. 

Galvanization is the process used to coat the steel in zinc. Our Ramm Pro-Line and Standard Stalls all have a galvanized finish, using an electro-galvanization process. During this process, the steel is coated with a layer of zinc, helping to ward off oxidation that leads to rust. Our Welded, Portable Horse Stalls, and Designer Stalls are all hot-dipped galvanized, a process that ensures even longer rust protection. 

Powder-coating offers our customers a beautiful finish. At Ramm, we believe in quality. We highly recommend our superior powder-coated finish over most of our competitors. After our stalls are hot-dipped and allowed to dry, we spray each piece with a powder coating primer, allow it to bake half way, and then finish with a specially blended grade of paint. Our curing process is three times longer than most standard powder coatings used on the market today. This provides the most durable finish for your stalls.

Welding is a process that allows two pieces of metal to be joined together. It’s usually accomplished by hot-melting both adjoining pieces and adding a filler to ensure a strong joint. At Ramm, once our stalls are assembled, we blast or sand joints and stalls to eliminate all impurities before painting. No matter where you’re buying your stalls from, be sure they are burr and bump-free. Impurities can snag a horse’s lip or sensitive nose and cause injury. 

Now that we’re familiar with some of the terminology, let’s look at a few of the products we offer here at Ramm.

Tuscany Designer Horse Stalls are the most elegant and luxurious of the Ramm Stall line. If the Tuscany was an actress, it would be Sophia Loren; curvy, flirtatious, and fun. And with all those curves in all the right places, horses have the opportunity to socialize with neighbors without having nose to nose contact. Close-set bars and a hidden weld system make this one of the safest stall systems on the market. Other features include elegant finials and feed openings to make caring for your horse a pleasure. As we say here at Ramm, the only safer place than a Tuscany Stall is a bomb shelter.

The Tuscany Designer System includes a hinged door, a grill frame with feed opening, frame, posts, screws, and finials. The system comes in 10ft or 12ft stall fronts or are fully customizable. Call us for a quote and information on installation.

Our Nobleman Horse Stall system is beautiful, functional, and easily customizable as well. This system comes with a V-front door opening, providing the opportunity for your horse to safely socialize with his neighbors, while still keeping him safely contained. Choose the powder-coated paint color of your choice. Kits include round tracks, V-door frame, one-piece front frame, stay roller, frame, posts, custom door arch, and screws. This beautiful stall system is made of hot-dipped galvanized or powder-coat painted steel.

Pro-Line Stall fronts offer an economical, yet durable and safe choice for the budget conscious. Our Pro-Line Stall fronts are made of non-corrosive galvanized steel so you won’t have to worry about your stalls rusting over the years. They’re attractive, functional, and economical. Best yet, they’re fully customizable as well!

Modular Stall Systems are great for use in either permanent or free-standing structures. Choose drop-down full V doors for socialization or even lightweight mesh swing gates for full ventilation in hot weather.

Stalls represent a significant investment for most farm owners. Be sure to choose wisely when it comes to safety, durability, and your pocketbook! We, at Ramm Stalls and Horse Fencing are here for you when you’re ready to make that investment.  

Debbie Disbrow and freelance writer Karen Baril ( have teamed up to write this article. If you have any comments, questions or ideas, we welcome them. Email us

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