Flex Fence® Splice Plate


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Quickly splice together two ends of Flex Fence® without the use of wire links, saving you time. The splice plates come in white, brown and black to match the color of your fence, so that they disappear into the rail.

Fence Compatibility: Flex

Flex Fence® Splice Plate
Item Description

Installs in minutes. Bolts quickly and easily together with only two bolts and two nuts. Combines two rails of Flex Fence®. This one-of-a-kind splice plate holds each end of the fence securely and tightly without fear of slipping out. Made from heavy-duty grade galvanized steel and then powder coated white, black or brown to ensure a long lasting beautiful finish. All rounded edges ensure your horse will not be injured if it comes in contact with the splice plate.

- I have used the splice buckles and the wire link method in the past. After using this splice plate, I won't go back to the others. This was much easier and doesn't break up the fence line.