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525 Plus Flex Fence
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525 Plus Flex Fence comes in either a 660' or 330' roll and features a prestigious board fence look, with safety and flexibility in mind. It's constructed of three 12.5-gauge galvanized high-tensile wires that are molecularly bonded to a polyolefin plastic, it can flex up to 6"-8" on impact, then return to shape. Flex Fence’s revolutionary hardware ensures easy installation, while the best polymer material with UV inhibitors makes it extremely durable and mildew-resistant. Elevate your property’s aesthetics and safety with the future standard for horse farms with RAMM 525 Plus Flex Fence. A low-maintenance Flex Fence system gives you more time to ride! *For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Flex Fence Pinterest board section.


  • No stress marks if the rail bends

  • Rails will never crack or peel

  • Rails never need to be painted

  • UV-protected

  • Made with pride in the USA!


Warranty: 525 Plus Flex Fence has a Lifetime Ltd. Mfg. Warranty against any cracking, peeling, chipping, discoloration, manufacturer's defect, or UV weathering. It does not cover abuse or misuse; we recommend using the Mfg. Installation Instructions. With 525 Plus Flex Fence, the warranty is the first to be transferable from the first owner to the next. This one-time transfer gives you a return on your investment for your fence, even if you sell your farm. 525 Plus Flex Fence is the only flexible fence on the market with a Lifetime Ltd. Mfg. Warranty and with one-time transferability!

It is strongly recommended that an electric rail be run on the inside of the 525 Plus Flex Fence to keep horses from testing and/or abusing the fence. It also discourages the horses from getting close to the diagonal brace post area which can decrease any possibility of entanglement with it.

*Installation Note: For installation below the frost line, the fence post directions remain exactly the same. The difference is the post hole and the footer for the brace post will need to be extended to make a column of concrete that is to the depth of the frost line or just below. This will allow a geothermal effect to occur; it warms the column so the area around the post will not freeze and result in posts heaving. This is specifically why the amount of concrete needed is much higher for northern installations.

Shipping: This item ships on a semi-truck via an LTL freight carrier. Please contact one of our expert account managers at 800-434-6296 for a shipping quote or a custom fencing layout! For more information on how this type of delivery works and what we need you to do upon arrival, please read through these two links:

- We purchased our Flex Fence last fall and since that we have had 4 very large size trees fall on it. Not only did the fence hold up to the trees falling on it but, right after we removed it from the fence line it popped right back up to were it originally was and you can not even tell anything fell on it. This fence has excided our expectations. We were not planning on replacing all of our current board but, after seeing the durability of the Flex… that will be our big fall project

- We absolutely love our Ramm Flex Fence. We have 3 rails of the 5.25 fence and believe we made the best decision for our horses and the kids who come out to connect with them. Ramm has been fantastic to work with and answer all of my questions with enthusiasm.

- I can see the difference between the two flex fences you have, just by looking at it and touching it. We love the new stuff.