4' x 6' Punter Top Rubber Mat (OBSOLETE)


4' x 6' punter top stall mats provide excellent traction with their raised surface and the grooved bottom improves drainage. They are made from 100% black recycled vulcanized rubber.

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4' x 6' Punter Top Rubber Mat (OBSOLETE)
Item Description

*Obsolete Indefinitely*

These 4' x 6' punter top stall mats are thicker than others, with ¾" thick vulcanized rubber. They have a non-skid surface with a corrugated bottom and they feature a 10-year limited mfg. warranty. Their benefits include less work (as they require less bedding), they cushion a horse’s feet and legs, and are a must-have for concrete floors. Call for quantity pricing. (*Note: Thickness of mats can be off by 1/8" + or -)

Installation: Clean the stall thoroughly. Make sure it is as level as possible. This will ensure that the mats will lie flat and make for easy cleaning. Measure the stall and decide on the best fitting pattern for the stall that requires the least amount of cutting. Bring the mats in the stall one at a time. Measure the uncovered area and use some chalk to write on the stall mats. Cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Shipping: This item ships on a semi-truck via an LTL freight carrier. There is a $25.00 partial skid fee if you're ordering less than 25 mats. Pricing on this product is only valid for mats that are stocked/shipping from our Swanton, Ohio location. If mats are shipping from a different warehouse (due to stock availability or more economical shipping rates) prices will vary at each location. Please contact one of our expert account managers at 800-434-6296 for a shipping quote and pricing. For more information on how this type of delivery works and what we need you to do upon arrival, please read through these two links:


3 Ways to Clean & Maintain Stall Mats:

  1. Steam Cleaning – Steam cleaning is the best way to clean rubber flooring. Steam cleaning will naturally disinfect and refreshes the rubber without the use of harsh chemicals. This method also dries quickly and prevents the majority of water spots. Smaller areas can be cleaned with a residential steam mop. For larger areas, it may be worth your time and money to rent or purchase a larger commercial-size steam cleaner.

  2. Damp Mopping/Scrubbing – Damp mopping/scrubbing is probably the most common method. We suggest using a stiff-bristled scrub brush on a handle as opposed to a mop. Mops can leave behind fuzzies that will then have to be removed. When damp mopping/scrubbing you will want to use distilled white vinegar at least once or twice a week for the first 6 weeks. This will not only clean and disinfect the floor but will also help dissipate the rubber smell. As an added option, you may heat up the vinegar. Cleaning with a warm liquid solution is normally more effective. After 6 weeks you can switch to an all-natural citrus-based cleaner. A lemon or orange concentrated cleaner can be purchased inexpensively and works very well. It will also put a little scent in the air. Hydrogen Peroxide based cleaners also work well and are a great disinfectant. The most important thing to remember about your standard cleaning solution is to stay away from any products that contain petroleum or bleach or anything that is waxed-based. Petroleum/bleach cleaners will dry out and eat away at the rubber over time. Waxed-based cleaners will leave behind a slippery residue that can become a safety hazard. As with any cleaner, you should always clean a small spot first to see how the cleaner will react with the rubber. The biggest issue to overcome when cleaning in this manner is water spots. Similar to washing a black car, if you do not dry the flooring quickly water spots can form. For this reason, damp mopping/scrubbing should be done in small sections. Clean a section, squeegee off the excess water and put a fan on that area to try to dry it quickly.

  3. Pressure Washing – Pressure washing is the easiest way to get a floor clean. Simply pressure wash the floor, squeegee off the excess water, and set up fans to dry the floor.

- I Love these Mats. We looked for a while and were not able to find anything better out there. They lay flat and do not curl up on the corners like the ones we replaced. Great Deal!!!

- We have been using RAMM products for the past 15 years…. Not only for our fencing needs but our barn products as well. About 6 years ago we decided to add to our farm by purchasing run in sheds for our 2 pastures. Our 6 horses are mostly kept outside during the year. We purchased and installed your straight stall mats in the stalls of the run-in sheds and what a difference they have made. We mostly did this for comfort of our horses but, the overall results have been much more then that. The stall mats have also provided a great deal of insulation and is much warmer on there feet. We also seem to have less injuries because there is not the slippery mud that they use to fall on all the time. Thank you for providing such great products.

- I just finished up installing 50 of these mats, with 2 hired helpers. They are wonderful and I cannot believe the quality at this price! The driver who delivered was a very nice young man who helped and then actually gave us pointers to make the installation of the mats easier. Thank you RAMM Fence for a job well done!

- Dear Mr. Disbrow, I am writing to tell you of the great job your salesperson did in working with us. I run a horse farm, I am a retired trial lawyer and my partner is an electronics executive, as well as having twelve years experience in managing the practical side of horse farms, so both of us have considerable experience in dealing with suppliers and other business people. We had been shopping for stall mats as part of upgrading our farm, we contacted all the major suppliers, and your sales person was far and away the most professional and helpful person that we dealt with. He responded promptly and intelligently to our requests for information and bids. When his first bid did not succeed, he promptly found a way to meet our requirements. He followed up frequently but politely and unobtrusively; our order is being delivered this week. My partners firm installs various electronic systems, monitoring systems and other electronic systems for horse farms. As such, they are often consulted on questions relating to fencing and sometimes will install the electric part of a fencing project. He was impressed with the service and will look forward to working with him in the future. I have already contacted him about vinyl fencing for a new arena.