8 Cubic Ft. Electric Wheelbarrow


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These electric wheelbarrows will help get the job done more efficiently! Move feed, bedding, etc. at ease; with the locking hinged hopper, dumping is made easy. Great for both indoor and outdoor applications!

8 Cubic Ft. Electric Wheelbarrow
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These electric wheelbarrows will help get the job done more efficiently! Move feed, bedding, dirt, etc. with ease. They are great for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, you can take this electrically powered wheelbarrow places larger equipment (front-end loaders, tractors, etc.) can’t go. With a locking hinged hopper, this wheelbarrow makes dumping easy. Moving at the brisk walking pace of 2.4 MPH, this powered wheelbarrow gets to its destination quickly. The battery pack provides 7-11 hours of run time per day!

The 8 Cubic Ft. Electric Wheelbarrow ships to you completely assembled, so you can put it to use the first day it arrives! When using your electric wheelbarrow, you can rest assured that safety is put first. When you let go of the handles, the wheelbarrow will come to a complete stop. There is also another safety feature that will lock the wheels when it is turned off so it will stay in place, as well as an emergency stop button.

All Electric Drive System
At the heart of every electric wheelbarrow is the drive system. Built with premium performance in mind, all the components worth together to create a unique user experience. The electric motor produces instant power at the twist of the throttle. The use of Smooth-Start Technology helps to get that power to the wheels by gradually increasing the speed. Electric motors are known for their excellent torque ratings and this electric motor is no different. Plenty of front-end power-packed by a differential capable of handling it all. The standard NiMH batteries provide plenty of power to the motor and are fully rechargeable. This entire system comes together to handle up to 750 lbs on flat land. It is also capable of taking 500 lbs up a 3:1-grade hill.

Dual Ag Tire (38”H x 34”W x 58”L): These are the best performing tire and most popular tire. It works well for all applications, especially where maximum traction is desired. The cart width without bucket is 33″ from tire edge to tire edge.

Additional Features

  • Heavy-duty dumping hopper
  • Enclosed gearbox
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Heavy-duty 13″ drive tires
  • High-density polyethylene tub
  • Variety of quick-attach accessories
  • Removable rechargeable battery pack 


Top 5 Reasons to Buy

  1. Easy to operate – So easy to use, even a child can safely operate it. Plus it saves back and muscle strain.
  2. Made in the USA – Quality you can feel. Manufacturing & support is all out of Archbold, OH.
  3. All electric power – zero emissions, zero fumes, full power all the time.
  4. Minimal Maintenance – No oil filters, air filters or gas to add. Just remember to plug it in.
  5. All Day Battery – Operate the cart throughout the day on a single charge.
    *Bonus – 750 lb capacity – Load up the cart with 750 lbs of whatever you want.


*Upgrade to an electric wheelbarrow with the power dump option for an additional $600.