Moisture Lok Dust Control


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Moisture Lok dust control acts like a sponge absorbing water, then it releases water back into the arena surface when needed. This will help cut down the dust and promote a cleaner riding environment.

Moisture Lok Dust Control
Item Description

RAMM's Moisture Lok dust control acts like a sponge absorbing water as much as 200x its own mass and releasing it into the arena surface. This creates a lighter/fluffier, consistent texture that cuts down dust and promotes a cleaner riding environment for both the horse and rider. Moisture Lok will also reduce your watering needs by half and works well in the temperatures as low as -28°F.

Distribution: 12-14 lbs/1000 sq. ft. – depending on how thick the footing is. Mix the Moisture Lok 3"-5" deep into the soil, otherwise, it may be ineffective.

Installation Steps:

  1. Use a seed or fertilizer spreader to evenly distribute.
  2. Rake or till into the arena's surface. 
  3. For the initial watering after application, water the arena like you’ve never watered it before – almost like you want to flood it. Subsequent watering can be much less frequent and can use less water.
  4. Enjoy a dust-free arena!


*NOTECalcium Chloride is bad for your horses’ legs and hooves, and can be destructive; eating at metals. It is not recommended for use in riding arenas!

- "It's working great!! No dust. Amazingly enough, it is also keeping the wet sand from sticking to our shoes or horses hooves. Great stuff so far!!" - Beth, MI

- My outdoor arena is doing so much better now with Ramms conditioner.We used to have to water every time we rode.

- Great for indoor arena and keeping dust down while riding the horses! Long lasting too.