Heavy Duty Round Pen


These 60' heavy duty round pens are great for training young colts in a close, isolated working environment. These round pens are a great tool and investment, no matter how many horses you may have.

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Heavy Duty Round Pen
Item Description

Round pens are by far one of the most widely used training tools in the horse industry today and are quickly becoming one of those must-have equine products. Their versatility allows them to be used for a multitude of tasks from lunging and training pens to temporary turn out.

The RAMM Pro-Tek round pen is constructed from quality tubular galvalume steel for rust protection. It's 5’2” tall, which makes it safer for more excitable horses. It has a full gate panel with a spring-loaded latch. It's available in a 60’ size.

- Really pleased with the round pen I purchased. It has held up for 4 years now and is outside in all weather, still no rust! Thanks RAMM! DG

- I just received my round pen. It is wonderful and we couldn't manage without it. Large enough to ride in comfortably and big enough for 2 horses to play. Strong, durable, and attractive. Have received many compliments. Great buy!

- This is just what we needed!! Great round pen to work your horses and 60' is perfect size.

- This looks sooooo cool but my mom and dad say that I can't get it. Grrrrrr!