Spinning Jenny


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The spinning jenny allows your fence roll to unwind without twisting and/or bending the high-tensile wire. It pivots on a ground pin that's staked into the ground and has four adjustable arms to accommodate for all fence coil sizes.

Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline

Spinning Jenny
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*Out of stock until [estimated] early summer 2023.

The spinning jenny is a handy, economical tool when installing horse fencing. It stakes into the ground with the ground pin and pivots on the pin, so you can walk the fencing out to the length of your fence line during installation. The four adjustable arms accommodate all coil sizes.

*Note: Ships unassembled, in a compact box. Assembly required. 


- Could not have done the installation without this tool! Mindy Z.

- This is a must have tool when using the Raceline or Shockline coated wire.

- Love this product! Made for a much easier install of me new coated wire horse fence.

- This works wonders for coated wire and Shockline fence.