Derby Grill Sections

Derby grill sections come in kit form with everything you need, including the horse stall's grill channels, bars, grommets, and screws – all you need to do is assemble, install, and provide is the building itself! They increase the ventilation for your horse stalls, tack rooms, wash rooms, feed rooms, and more. 

However. ventilation does not happen by accident. Plan out where to put grill sections to provide fresh air throughout the building and stalls, without drafts, and in all seasons. These Derby grill section kits can be used to build a front without a sliding door, thus allowing for a half or full swing gate to be used in its place. This improves ventilation and low-level visibility for smaller animals or children who want to see them. Another alternative use would be anywhere an extended wall or wall opening is desired.

This is an easy DIY project that provides beauty and long-lasting quality for less!

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