Tuscany Stall Partitions

  • Tuscany Stall Grilled Partition


    Tuscany Stall Grilled Partition

    The Tuscany grilled stall partitions are available and provide great ventilation for your horses. They also promote socialization between stalls with your horses. They come pre-welded to steel posts for quick, easy installation.

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  • Tuscany Stall Privacy Partition


    Tuscany Stall Privacy Partition

    Tuscany partitions come in a variety of different options. This particular option is the privacy partition with a partial grill section and solid wood section. The grill section promotes ventilation, while the solid portion gives the horse privacy.

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  • Tuscany Stall Solid Partition


    Tuscany Stall Solid Partition

    The solid Tuscany Stall partitions offer privacy for horses that need solitude and are useful in barns where horses are frequently rotated. Our solid partitions are installed through the use of insert channel that comes pre-welded to steel posts.

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Tuscany horse stall partitions have a fully-welded construction - and no trim work is required. They are strong and beautiful, and you can let our welded steel frames with their brilliant powder-coated finishes do the trim work for you. These partitions feature superior rust protection, they are elegant and can be customized, and they are one of our most popular stall partitions!

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