Tuscany Designer Horse Stalls

The European-inspired Tuscany horse stall designer series is classy and durable. The custom-bent designer stall front has attracted many customers for its added ventilation and unique style. When it comes to stalls for horses, there are none better than what RAMM has to offer. Safety is RAMM's number one priority in stall designing so your horse stalls are a perfect fit! *For more photos and ideas, we welcome you to visit our Tuscany Designer Horse Stalls Pinterest board section.

We have been the leader in the industry for horse stall systems for over 15 years. The Tuscany horse stall is custom-built for each customer. You choose the options you'd like; you choose the finish color; you design the stalls of your dreams! We have several design templates available, and we can work with you to create something unique for your facility. This designer stall system can be built to stand alone (without wooden posts) or can attach to existing posts in your barn. At RAMM, we know that not every barn is created equal, and we build horse stall systems for them all!

Not sure where to start?

1) Choose your Tuscany horse stall front style:

  • 10' front or 12' front?

  • Door OptionsChoose from 6 different door styles.

  • Feed Options: Because of the S-grillwork's shape, adding a feed opening is the sole option for the Tuscany series.

  • Finish: Hot-Dip Galvanized or Powder-Coated Paint


2) Choose a stall wall partition that fits your horse's personality best:

  • Tuscany Stall Grilled Partitions: These are available to provide socialization and better ventilation for your horses. Grill sections are also available for poured concrete or cinder block half-walls.

  • Tuscany Stall Privacy Partitions: A great combination of both solid and grilled partitions, for horses who like time to themselves and to socialize.

  • Tuscany Stall Solid Partitions: Offer privacy for horses that need solitude and are useful in barns where horses are frequently rotated.


3) Add optional horse stall accessories to make your horses and barn more comfortable:


RAMM stalls have a 1-Year Warranty on Workmanship and our friendly, knowledgeable RAMM staff is ready to assist with all of your installation and technical questions. We look forward to being your partner regarding stalls for horses. Please call us for fencing, stalls, or equine products at 1-800-434-8456. Let us know how we can make your “dream” barn come true! We’re ready to help you with anything related to equine products and find the solution that's best for you and your horse(s).