Designer Horse Stalls

If you’re looking for a special horse stall with designer flair, then look no further! Our handcrafted designer horse stall line in is available in 10’ or 12' sizes – this will give you just what you’re looking for and what your horses need. Each stall front, partition, and back section is made-to-order, with attention to detail from our fabricators at our Ohio manufacturing plant.

The designer horse stalls are a step above the rest, in that they have a European look with closer bar spacing and round tracks (for extremely smooth and quiet door movement). There are many options available to help fit every individual horse’s needs. Choose from sweeping curved front partitions for open span barns ~ they add a lot of elegance, formal straight-lined fronts with detailed doors and arched door entrances, or a classic royal inspired design, sure to add elegance to any barn.

Designer stalls can be hot-dipped galvanized or painted in powder-coat. Options are endless, ranging from grilled, mesh, or solid walls to several feed openings or door options. Make a definite statement and add brass or silver finials to the tops of your posts. We can also provide you with the option to have window grills with either bars or mesh allowing more light into your stalls, as well as fresh air ventilation. Your window grills can be conveniently hinged so they can open effortlessly for cleaning.

We offer two different types of designer stall lines: Nobleman and Tuscany. Both are hand-crafted with a vast amount of attention to detail. After having your very own safe and highly functional designer stalls, rest assured, you won't want to leave your barn!

Want to get started with a designer horse stall project today? You can speak with one of our friendly, and knowledgable staff members by calling us toll-free at 1-800-434-8456.