Oxford Welded Stall Fronts

*RAMM is the industry's premier hot-dip galvanizer for horse stalls.

The Oxford welded horse stall fronts feature our innovative and industry-leading hidden welds for superior durability and heavy-duty construction. The welds are on the inside of the grill channel for a nice, clean look. This can also help eliminate horses from getting cut on sharp weld burrs.

Welded bars on the stall fronts eliminates any bar rattle you might have with other horse stall manufacturers. The Oxford welded stall fronts can be either hot-dip galvanized or custom powder coated to match your barn's theme or color palette.

Oxford welded horse stall fronts feature many available options to meet you and your horses' particular needs. Choose from a feed, opening, feed door, grilled sections, mesh sections, blanket bars, and much more. Call one of our experienced account managers at 1-800-434-8456 and let's design your perfect stall today!

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