Oxford Window Grills

*RAMM is the industry's premier hot-dip galvanizer for horse stalls.

Oxford window grills are durable, strong, and available in either hot-dip galvanization or powder-coated black. These horse stall window grills have close bar spacing to protect your horse and your stall glass windows. Welded window grills are durable and made to stand up to tough horses. They feature a 14-gauge galvanized body with 7/8" 16-gauge bars spaced 3.25" apart on-center.

These welded horse stall window grills come in two different designs. One is a single one-piece frame and welded bars, while the other is a two-piece frame and window insert with hinges. This window grill lets you open the window, so you can clean your stall window from time to time.

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