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RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls has been helping horse owners with all aspects of horse fencing, horse stalls and everything equine related for over 25 years. We want give you our time tested experiences through numerous informative articles; readers find them to be informative and helpful. RAMM has been a “hub” for equine activity and has had ​numerous encounters with horse owners from the 4-H and Pony Club level, up to the World Championship and Olympic Rider level. 

Having the opportunity to work with such a diverse and fabulous group of horse owners and riders has given us valuable input for our readers. Many of our articles have been printed in horse magazines as well as builder's publications. We hope you learn more and enjoy reading further about “what works!”

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  • Getting Ready for Vacation

    Getting Ready for Vacation

    Planning that long awaited get away? What do you do to make sure your horses are well taken care of while you are gone? Do you board your horse or hire a stable hand to be in charge while you are on the road?

  • Winterizing Your Barn

    Winterizing Your Barn

    Now that fall is in full swing throughout most of the country, it is time to get serious about finishing those barn projects before winter. Your barn probably sees a lot more use during the colder months, and it's important to be sure everything's in shape to make it through winter.

  • Things Every Barn Needs

    Things Every Barn Needs

    While no two barns or boarding facilities are alike, many do have things in common. As someone who's worked as barn help for several facilities at different points in my life, I've come across many items that made my job a lot easier.

  • Goal Setting for 2007

    Goal Setting for 2007

    With the end of 2006 quickly approaching, many of us will begin thinking about resolutions for 2007. The New Year is also a great time to re-evaluate current riding goals, or come up with new ones.

  • Deciding Which Stall System is Right For You

    Deciding Which Stall System is Right For You

    Now that colder weather is here and outside projects have been put on hold, tackle those inside projects instead. For many of you, that means adding stalls to an existing barn, putting stalls in a new barn, or overhauling the stalls currently in your barn.

  • Winter Issues

    Winter Issues

    Winter brings snow, ice and cold, all things that will undoubtedly affect your horses, their containment and you. Just as your car and home…

  • Let There Be Light

    Let There Be Light

    The need for good quality light is never made more apparent than during winter's dark days. Aside from the obvious purpose of illuminating the…

  • From Boarding to Your Barn

    From Boarding to Your Barn

    The article this month is the first in a two-part series covering what to do when you’ve decided to stop boarding. Choosing to stop…

  • Getting Back to Basics! Tips for Pasture, Stable, and Travel (Part One)

    Getting Back to Basics! Tips for Pasture, Stable, and Travel (Part One)

    RAMM Horse Fencing and Stalls has had the wonderful opportunity to meet and work with Lynn Palm, a renowned horsewoman, trainer and expert in…

  • High-Traffic Areas - Common Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

    High-Traffic Areas - Common Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

    I just love owning horses! And I have had many over the years. From the time I was little and had the best "puppy…