All the Comforts of Home - For Your Barn

All the Comforts of Home - For Your Barn

Autumn colors, brisk temperatures,and long trail rides with friends and barn buddies.  I have to admit---fall is my favorite time of year. I know---I know---winter is just around the corner, but I’m taking my cue from my horse and choosing to live in the moment.  And doesn’t fall bring to mind all the comforts of home as well? I love to sit by the fire after a nice long ride with a mug of hot apple cider and a cozy blanket throw. I suspect my horse---Morgan, a Haflinger gelding---craves that kind of comfort, too.  I can’t bring him to sit by the fire with me, but I can make sure he’s as comfortable as any horse has a right to be.

The good news is the accessories that make him more comfortable make my life easier.  Oh yes----I’m all for that. Let’s take a look at some of the items RAMM offers that not only keep your horse more comfortable and healthy, but make your barn chores less tedious. Some of them will even save you money.


ThuroBed™ Mattress System

            The ThuroBed™ Mattress System is exactly what your horse would buy if you gave him your checkbook and a telephone. This mattress system is hands down better than any other mattress system on the market today. We don’t say that lightly. Before we put the ThuroBed™ Mattress System in our lineup of products we asked customers what they didn’t like about stall mats. They shared their bad experiences---mats that shift, are too heavy, not soft enough, leak, break down over time, or shrink away from the wall---and did we mention mats that shift? Shifting not only does this defeat the purpose of a floor system, it’s a tripping hazard for your horse.

It’s easy to dismiss a stall mattress system as a ‘fluffy’ accessory---nice if you can afford it, but not all that necessary. But that is simply not true according to the latest research. Scientists have proven that sleep plays a critical role in our horse’s immune function, metabolism, joint health, stress levels, and even his ability to learn new tasks. Research also shows that horses that are sleep deprived tend to be spookier under saddle. 




            Enter our ThuroBed™ Mattress System, already field tested by a wide variety of horses from drafts to miniatures. Let’s take at why our customers love them:

ü  12-cells on each mattress, filled with rubber crumb---no foam to break down and no compaction

ü  Rubber crumb fill for each rib

ü  ¼” thick rubber-impregnated and water-proof top cover fastens all the way around the wall with heavy-duty plastic strips

ü  Wrinkle-free surface

ü  Easy installation

ü  Saves money on bedding material

ü  Custom options for any construction, including wood, concrete, and even metal barns.

ü  Field-tested in all conditions, including all ages,breeds, sizes, temperaments, as well as under various shoeing options

ü  3-year warranty


Automatic waterers

Automatic waterers are more than a convenience. They’re a lifesaver, ensuring your horses always have access to a fresh, clean water supply and we all know how important that is to our horse’s health. Consider this: your horse drinks 15-20 gallons of water a day. If you’re carrying that from the spigot to the stall, you’re hauling around 45 lbs. of water per five gallon bucket. Let’s add that up---you’re lifting 150 to 200 lbs. of water per day per horse. No wonder your shoulders hurt! And if it’s the warm season,let’s face it---hoses are awkward and heavy. Enter the automatic waterer.

Ours have:

  ü  Heavy duty polyethylene casings for durability.
  ü  Rounded corners for safety.
  ü  Automatic fill valves to ensure fresh water at all times.
  ü  Removable drain plugs.
  ü  Easy mounting. (our automatic waterers can be mounted on stall walls)


            Barn Lighting

                        Barn lighting often takes a back seat when it comes to more pressing issues like flooring or stall components, but making the wrong decision here could cost you in the long run. It’s never a good idea to use lighting that is not intended for agricultural use in a barn. They can’t stand up to the rigors of the dust and moisture in the barn (posing a fire and electric shock risk) and they can’t provide the illumination needed to work with horses. If you’ve ever struggled through a veterinary visit in a dimly lit barn, you’ll know what I mean.

                        Instead, our barn lights are:

ü  UL-approved agricultural lighting fixtures that produce a daylight quality light.  

ü  Cool burning even when the outside temps fall well below 0°F.

ü  Designed to withstand power surges.

ü  Flame and rust proof.

ü  Gasketed and enclosed bulbs to seal out moisture, dust, and bugs.

ü  Energy efficient to save you money in the long run.

                       We know that these ‘comforts’ are necessary to your horse’s good health. We also know that it can be a little daunting figuring out exactly what we need for our barn. That’s why we encourage you to give us a call. Unlike many catalog companies, we don’t just sell you the product---we are here as a resource as well, helping you purchase a stall mattress system, automatic waterers, lighting, stalls, and many other durable and useful products to fit your unique style and barn. Call us at 800-434-8456 or visit at


Debbie Disbrow and freelance writer Karen Baril ( have teamed up to write this article. If you have any comments, questions or ideas, we welcome them. Email us

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