What Is the Best Fencing for Horses?

Everyone knows there is not a 100% horse-proof fence; even the strongest fence can break when hit or kicked with enough force. No matter how gentle or well-trained, horses are animals, so their behavior can be unpredictable. 


However, as horse owners, we can still choose to provide a ''safer'' fence for our beloved, prized equine's well-being. With horses, anything is possible so it's important to pick a safer fence alternative than what we're accustomed to seeing and using.

What Are Your Options?

There are many different types of fencing products on the market, but not all of them are designed to be safe for horses. Avoid any unnecessary injuries from common fenc​e rail options like board, PVC, ​bare wire, and more. *The difference between a good fence and a bad fence is usually one vet bill.

RAMM specifically designed a vinyl horse fence, Flex Fence, to be the safest alternative to traditional horse fencing systems. It consists of high-tensile wire molecularly bonded to polyethylene plastic. Instead of splintering or breaking on impact, Flex Fence will flex up to six to eight inches, then return to its original shape. Flex Fence is extremely strong, with the widest size [525 Plus Flex Fence] having 4,200 pounds of break strength per rail and a Lifetime Ltd. Mfg. Warranty! Watch the two videos below showing how safe and strong Flex Fence really is! In the first video, a customer's OTTB horse runs into the fence and in the second video, Mikey fires up the John Deere tractor to test running it into the rail:

Flex Fence vs. Weather

After years of research and development, we've selected the best polymer material for as many climate conditions as possible. Flex Fence can handle the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions. We have customers with high snowdrifts in Alaska, down to flooded areas in the ​Southern states.

Not sure how to prepare for mother nature? We had a great podcast episode on Late Night Riders with Michelle Rumanes, from The Plaid Horse on preparing your horses, your property, and your mental toughness when it comes to natural disasters. Michelle's farm survived ​a California wildfire and a terrible flood that followed soon thereafter:

Additionally, it contains the maximum color and UV inhibitors that a polymer can absorb. The mildew-resistant formula makes Flex Fence the future standard for horse farms. With little-to-no maintenance, Flex Fence gives you more time to ride!

The Flex Fence series is made exclusively by RAMM in the USA. Every Flex Fence option is backed by extensive warranties. ​Click to learn more about Flex Fence warranty information.

Flex Fence – Roll Sizes and Color Options

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FAQ: Some ​people ask what the term fence "rail" is referring. A fence rail is simply the term used for the horizontal piece of fence that attaches between posts. In other words, it is the fencing material itself. Example: We suggest at least a 4-rail Flex Fence system for your horses.