Hotcote Electric Fence

SKU: 1320HC

This cost effective, electric coated wire makes for a great combination fence. Horses respect the fence line and the electric protects your rails and posts from horses cribbing on them. The polymer coating helps protect your horse against injury.

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Hotcote Electric Fence
Item Description

Size: 5/16 Inch Thick

Length: 1320 Foot Rolls

Color: White, Black or Brown

Warranty: 20 Year Limited Mfg. Warranty

1,620 lbs. minimum break strength per rail

12.5 Gauge pre-straightened high tensile steel wire with polyethylene coating and 3 conductive, carbon strips.

High visibility makes this a great combination fence

Shipping: This item can ship UPS for 1 roll. More than one roll ships via freight carrier. Please ask your RAMM representative for a shipping quote.

- We had a horrible winter this year and the fence had up to an inch of ice on it sometimes. We had huge tree branches fall on the fence lines multiple times and at the end of it all, I only had ONE insulator to replace. We love the fence! Holly Prange- MI

- Looks and works great with the flex fence.

- Love the Hotcote!! Best thing I ever installed. Michelle T.

- We have this fence up on our property for our Draft Horses. We just purchased a new one, which weighs in around 2000 pounds. She was being chased around and ended up somehow slipping between the rails of this fence. NOT EVEN A SCRATCH. We had to fix a couple insulators but avoided astronomical Vet Bills thanks to the safety of our Ramm Fence Products.

- We love this fence. It's durable and safe with good visibility. We actually had a yearling kick through the strands and get her hind leg caught. With any other type of wire, we would have had a serus degloving injury, but thank God, it was just a bit of rubbed off hair and a little swelling. The horses (and dogs!) see it and respect it, and that is important because I don't have to worry about roaming dogs getting in with out foals (we have a strong charger attached). Great fence!!