56" Reversing with 10" Downrod

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These efficient, economical fans circulate the air better than most other agricultural ceiling fans. They use less energy than a 100-watt light bulb and will end up paying for themselves in less than one year. Switch Requirement: 5-Fan Speed Control Reversing Switch

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UL Waterspray Tested & Approved - Moisture, Dust, Corrosion, and Heat Resistant

Agrifan manufactured for RAMM commercial-grade ceiling fans is built for tough conditions. These fans are built for agriculture and have been proven in the industry to stand up to the tough conditions of equine and other wet, dusty, or extremely hot areas. They have been manufactured for over 25 years with the same design.

The benefit of having our horse barn fans is they will circulate the air in your horse barn and your horses will love you for it. Many other horse owners, rehabilitation facilities, and veterinarians use our fans every day to keep their horses cool.

The ceiling fans are energy efficient, running on less energy than a 100-watt light bulb. When used with an existing cooling or heating system, the fans increase the efficiency of that system by up to 30%. In less than one year, a commercial-grade fan system can pay for itself in energy savings.

They have been tested by farmers for over 25 years and have proven their strength and reliability. These fans come with a full three-year manufacturer warranty and can stand up to heat, humidity, and condensation.

Composition: Heavy-duty, all-metal - no plastic. Blades are aluminum for both strength and efficiency.



- "Fans arrived great and are already installed." - Lori, GA

- "We got it and we love it!" - Rebecca, NC

- "We love the fans. They add a great look to the barn and we know they are much safer than other options available on the market today. Thanks, Ramm Fence." - Scott, CO

- "My new fans have really helped in moving the stagnant musty air around and keeping the moisture and humidity down." - Travis, NC

- "Our fan is up and is perfect, everything I expected and more, I am extremely pleased and will be ordering more for the barn."