Reversing Control Switch for up to 5 Fans


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All-in-one infinite speed control with reversing switch for use with reversing fans. This speed control can be used to control up to 5 fans and allows you to switch the direction the fan spins: forward or reverse.

Max # of Fans: 5
Wattage: 600 watts

Reversing Control Switch for up to 5 Fans
Item Description

Adjustable speed controls are a comprehensive line of motor speed controls for air-moving applications which utilize Shaded Pole, Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC), and Universal motors.

Agrifan controls provide adjustable speed operation to permit the consumer individual selection of air volume, motor speed, and noise level. These economical controls are designed to replace obsolete, tapped winding, or reactive methods of speed control. The models cover a wide range of amperages from 2.5 through 5 amps that allow for the selection of the most economical control for the application.

One full year from date of purchase. This control is to be used only with fans marked as suitable for use with solid state speed controls. This control is suitable for mounting in a metal or polymetric field enclosure. Control must not be used at ratings exceeding those clearly marked on the device.


*Note: Don't change directions while the fan is in motion.

- Micheal from SC says," This switch made it so much easier to use my reversing fans."