24" Oscillating Wall Mount Fan


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This 24" indoor/outdoor oscillating wall mount fan is a 3-speed, waterproof fan that runs with an especially quiet operation and has a 93º range of oscillation. Includes a wall mount bracket and 3-prong plug.

Motor: 1/4 HP

Item Description

The indoor/outdoor wall mount fan is an oscillating, three-speed, waterproof fan with quiet operation. The oscillating wall mount fan includes a wall mount bracket and an attached 10’ cord pre-wired for 115 volts so no electrician is required. These fans can be sprayed down to remove dust and dirt build-up, making them an excellent choice for agricultural applications. The 24" oscillating fans provide a more effective solution at cooling the barn as a whole, as opposed to the 18" basket fans that are designed for direct airflow (horse stalls, patios, etc).


  • Available in 24” (white only)
  • Range of oscillation - 93º 
  • Depth of the fan parallel to the wall is 22”
  • The overall measurement from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the top of the fan is 41”
  • UL507 certified for indoor and outdoor use
  • Corrosion-resistant, powder coated fan guards meet OSHA 1910.212(a)(5) requirements
  • Rated for use with our misting/fogging products to increase cooling abilities
  • Air-over-motor cooled
  • Totally enclosed, maintenance-free, direct drive high-efficiency motors have completely sealed ball bearings, UL and CUL recognized, and are covered by a One Year Warranty
  • Quiet Operation
  • High output performance 
  • Aluminum blades
  • 3-speed pull chain
  • Includes powder coated steel wall bracket
  • Attached 10’ cord with 3-prong plug pre-wired for 115 volts
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) recommended on all circuits

Installation Tip: If you mount the fans about 10-12’ above the stall it moves the air above them; on high, it will feather their manes, however, if they're set to blow directly in the face of his horses, it can dry out their eyes and nostrils and can make them cough. 

*Note: There is very little vertical tilt (~5º tilt). If you mount the fan with a wedge between the wall and the top of the bracket, it will help give it more tilt.