Drinking Post Waterer


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The drinking post waterer is a non-electric, frost-free horse and livestock waterer that will save you both time and money – not to mention clean, 50° water year-round.

*Please call for shipping on 10' waterers.

Drinking Post Waterer
Item Description

There are no minimum usage requirements. Horse Post Waterers can literally stand unused for years at a time and instantly produce clean 50°F water during any season of the year. Drinking Post Waterers will also significantly mitigate the threat of West Nile Virus by eliminating the standing water associated with all heated waterer solutions as well as buckets and troughs. This is because all water drains from the horse post after every use. Because the water drains after every use, every time your animal drinks they will have fresh, clean, 50°F water year-round. This is because the water is coming up from below your local frost line with every use. No Algae because there is no standing water 

Drinking Post Waterers Benefits:

  • Eliminate the cost associated with heating water during the winter months
  • Mitigate the threat of WNV by eliminating standing water
  • Provide fresher, cleaner water than any heated waterer, insulated waterer, bucket/trough


*Note: Please call 800-434-6296 for a shipping rate on 10' waterers or if you have any questions on your frost depth for the climate you're in.

- I absolutely love this waterer. My horses didn't take long to learn, either. Thank you! Mary in MS

- Just put one of these in 2 weeks ago. I love it and wish I would have bought this along time ago! B.V.

- Why pay for the electrical when you don't have to? My horses and cattle love this waterer as much as I do! Thanks.

- If we could this product 10 stars we would. SFR aka Sonflower Ranch LLC in Brighton, CO have installed 14 of these waters. They work beyond expectations. Boarded horse have learned to use in less then 3 lessons(as directed by instructions). A German Shepherd dog on property has also taking to drinking out of, with out any modifications to the paddle used by the horses.

- Very easy to install and does what it is supposed to do! CC