Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer, White


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NEW! Ultimate drinking post waterers are non-electric, frost-free horse/livestock waterers. They save on time, money, and provides clean, 50° water year-round.

*Please call for shipping on 10' waterers.

Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer, White
Item Description

The Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer receives water from below your local frost line with every use, so it can literally stand unused for years at a time and instantly produce fresh, clean, 50°F during any season of the year! These waterers will significantly mitigate the threat of West Nile Virus and algae build-up by eliminating the standing water associated with heated waterer solutions, buckets, and troughs. For colder climate regions, the PVC paddle will not freeze like an aluminum paddle.


  • Easy to install (*only 3 moving parts - no cement pad, can fit into tight spaces, less digging, & no used tires required for cold climate installation)
  • Low-maintenance (*interior components can be easily removed for maintenance without digging)
  • Eliminate heated water costs during winter months (*no electricity required)
  • There are no minimum usage requirements
  • Mitigate the threat of West Nile Virus and algae build-up (*no standing water)
  • Automatic (*providing fresher, cleaner water than any heated waterer, insulated waterer, or bucket/trough)
  • 50°F during any season of the year (*no freezing!)
  • 5-year warranty



  • ¼” stainless steel axle in paddle
  • Set screw to adjust the paddle tension
  • “Snow-Fin” technology at the paddle/rod intersection allows for easier activation (especially in snow, slushy, and icy conditions)
  • Raised activation attachment for easy training and large muzzle animals



  • Massive hinge caps
  • Metal thread to receive hinge cap bolt
  • 1/4 -20 x 1.5" stainless steel sidewalk bolts for hinge cap/paddle connection 
  • All walls are approximately 50% thicker than the previous model



  • Fully serviceable valve
  • Can completely disassemble valves to clean/troubleshoot and then reassemble
  • Stainless steel set pin secures the intake filter
  • Exterior collar built into the valve
  • Dual-durometer valve seal
  • 50% larger drain holes


Installation Tips: 

It's not a good idea to have the concrete right up next to the Drinking Post. This could lead to PVC cracking as it changes with the temperature. Ideally, there would be about a 1" gap between the waterer and the concrete. 

Optimum Water Pressure Requirement: 25-65 PSI (*anything over 65 PSI will need a pressure reducer and anything under 25 PSI will not function properly)


*SHIPPING NOTE:  Please call 800-434-6296 for a shipping rate on 10' waterers or if you have any questions on your frost depth for the climate you're in.