Poly-Insulated Bucket Holder (Out of Stock)


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This bucket keeps the water at an ideal temperature, from freezing in the winter to getting warm in the summer. It can be added onto a swing-out bucket door or mounted directly on any flat stall wall or partition.

Compatibility: Swing Out Bucket Door

Poly-Insulated Bucket Holder (Out of Stock)
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The poly-insulated bucket holder keeps water at an ideal temperature. The insulation stops water from freezing in the winter to getting too warm in the summer. This bucket holder can be installed onto a swing-out bucket door {sold separately} or mounted directly on any flat wall surface.


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- As long as you change your water twice a day (which I do either way,) these work great. So much easier and no cords!!

- Winter gets cold in northern Ohio and we have used these for 3 winter seasons so far. We didnt want to run power to each stall and wanted to try an alternative, here we are. They work well, although when it gets into the negative digits or holds in the teens all day, we do get some freezing. However, we have not had a solid frozen bucket since we started using these. They dont keep everything from freezing, but keep the buckets from freezing solid and allow for fresh water rather than a solid chunk of ice. We will upgrade to heated waterers in the future, but these serve the purpose for now.

- These work GREAT1 i love them and so do my animals:)

- I didn't want to use electric buckets in my stall due to being paranoid about fire hazards, so I purchased the insulated bucket holders. They work great, even during the cold Michigan winters! I can empty and refill them daily without having to chip through ice!