10' x 12' ThuroBed Mattress System

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The10' x 12' ThuroBed Mattress System provides a healthier environment for your horses. Features include: Less bedding needed, less dust, save on bedding without sacrificing comfort, and speeds recovery time.

10' x 12' ThuroBed Mattress System
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The ThuroBed Mattress System provides a healthier living environment for your horses. It has a resilient yet yielding surface, which matches the pasture and comes with a non-­‐slip surface for improved comfort and traction. This system has also been linked to reducing hock sores on horses. The mattress system decreases muck out time, because it uses up to 75% less bedding than other systems and stalls mats. With less bedding there will be up to 2/3 less manure for disposal, reduced ammonia levels and a dust-­‐free eating surface, so your horses can eat and breathe easy.

The ThuroBed Mattress Systems feature a 3-­year warranty on the entire system. The warranty covers normal, everyday use and proper installation. When the system is cared for and maintained properly, it will last for well over 3-­‐years. We have customers today that are still using their original systems from 1999. The system only needs to be hosed off with some water, do not use a power washer to clean the top cover. It can also be disinfected with a 5% diluted bleach solution.

- We purchased the Thurobeds with our custom welded stalls a few years ago and the most noticable thing is the savings on bedding. One of my stalls almost doesnt use any. Also, I have a mare who often becomes lame and she's been getting around much better with the beds. Mike, Afton, MN

- I love this system and my horses seem to as well. My oldest has arthritis and doesn't want to leave his stall after having put this in. Makes cleaning the stalls a breeze especially since my two paints are more like pigs than horses in their stalls. Def worth the money that I spent on their two stalls.

- I purchased the Thurobed system because my horse is always getting hock sores. The system has been installed for no more then 10 days and there are no signs of sores. Amazing. He was also caught snoring away the other day! Needless to say, we both love it.

- My horse LOVES her Thurobed Mattress!! She is much more comfortable than ever before. There's a great spring in her step!