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ThuroBed horse mattress systems help to provide a healthier living environment for your horses. They are resilient and have a non-slip, impermeable surface for improved comfort and traction.

ThuroBed Mattress System
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ThuroBed mattress systems help to provide a healthier living environment for your horses. The Thurobed’s top covers are made out of interwoven polypropylene fiber plastic with a latex coating giving them a resilient, impermeable surface (which matches the pasture). The non-­slip surface provides your horses with improved comfort and traction. 

This system has also been linked to reducing hock sores on horses. The mattress system decreases muck-out time; it uses up to 75% less bedding than other systems and stall mats. With less bedding, there will be up to two-thirds less manure for disposal, reduced ammonia levels, and a dust-­free eating surface so your horses can eat and breathe easily.

ThuroBed mattress system features a 3-­Year Ltd. Mfg. Warranty covering normal, everyday use on a proper installation. When the system is cared for and maintained properly, it will last for well over three years. We have customers who are still using their original systems from the '90s. 

Cleaning: If you're looking for an easy and effective way to clean and sanitize your horse stalls between uses, StableClean One-Step Cleanser is just what you need. With a recommended usage of 45-50mL of StableClean per liter of warm water, this product is safe for your equine and won't harm your ThuroBed mattress flooring investment. *It is not recommended to pressure wash.


Ground Preparation

Step 1

  • The ground in the stall where the mattress is being installed must be level or even slightly crowned in the middle.
  • Essential is that the stall is not dipped or bowl-shaped in the middle.
  • Concrete or Asphalt stalls are probably already level but make sure that any holes or problem areas are fixed.
  • You may also want to dome or crown the floor, the reason being is so the urine will run away from the horse and center of the stall to the outer edges. The horse spends the majority of its time in the middle of the stall. Doming allows for ground and mattress compaction.
  • We recommend the middle of the stall be approximately 2” higher than the outer walls.


Step 2

  • If you have an earth or gravel-based stall, chances are some work is needed.
  • If the stall is too low, bring in some gravel to fill and level
  • Recommended aggregates are pea gravel, ¾ washed stone, or even “A” gravel or also known as road gravel. This will need a little packing and will resist settling over time.
  • No matter what fill is used it will require watering down the stall and/or packed with a tamping device.
  • If the aggregates are not packed with water and or a tamping device and they settle it will result in premature stretching and perhaps wrinkling of the top cover.
  • Sand is not recommended because it doesn’t pack well and has a tendency to shift and move.


Step 3

  • Fill the low spots with the aggregate.
  • If you want the stall to be the same height as the aisle way, be sure and leave the base 1-2” beneath the threshold at the door.
  • Measure the thickness of the mattress and keep in mind which direction the mattress will be lying and remember the mattress will compact.
  • If the stall does not have a threshold at the door, use a pressure treated 4x4 and fasten it to the posts of the stall and level with the aisle way.
  • Bring in the fill, level it, keeping the center of the stall slightly higher, and compact it using water and/or a compacting machine.




ThuroBed mattress systems are delivered on a 53’ long semi-truck and trailer. The truck must have plenty of room to access the driveway and turn around. The top cover for your Thurobed systems will come as a large roll and each mattress weighs 130 lbs. The mattresses will be on 4’ x 6’ pallets with a maximum weight of 3,640 lbs.

You are solely responsible for offloading, as the driver will not be equipped to move pallets to the back of the truck or assist with unloading in any way. You can use chains and a tractor to drag the pallets to the back of the truck or hand unload the mattresses without moving the pallets. Equipment used for moving full pallets of mattresses should be rated for 4,500 lbs. and have extended forks. Your freight rate includes 1 hour of unloading time. Any extra fees charged by the freight company for additional services (extended wait time, lift gate, etc.) are your responsibility. You will be notified of the delivery time within 24-48 hours of delivery.

Please contact one of our expert account managers at 800-434-6296 for a shipping quote and pricing. For more information on how this type of delivery works and what we need you to do upon arrival, please read through these two links:

- "I purchased the Thurobed mattress system from Ramm fall of 2018. I was really concerned about housing my horses on concrete but this stall mattress system has taken all that worry away. Not only are they amazingly comfortable but super easy to clean and saves on bedding. I am so happy I made the investment- so worth the money! I researched every stall system out there and this one absolutely came out on top. Loved working with Ramm. Stephanie was knowledgeable, super friendly and really spent a great deal of time answering all my endless questions, sending me samples and ultimately helping get all the freight shipping details worked out. Highly recommend!" - Amy, IN

- "I have used the Thurobed system for years now. Every stall has it. I used to have dirt floors and use shavings or put stall mats and then shavings. The bacteria build up was not only unhealthy for my horses, but it was labor intensive. I ride dressage and so my horses deserve something cushy and relaxing when they are finished with their workouts. They now come into clean, no maintenance, comfortable stalls. They are soft and very easy to clean. They emulate a pasture so they love to lay down on them. Dirt floors are hard and can get really dirty. My horses wound up with hock sores all the time. The amount of shavings I use is about 1/4 of what I used to use. Cleaning and maintenance are very minimal. My horses have actually all stopped going to the bathroom inside as well. I would not use anything else but this system for my horses." - Candice, WA

- "I love this system and my horses seem to as well. My oldest has arthritis and doesn't want to leave his stall after having put this in. Makes cleaning the stalls a breeze especially since my two paints are more like pigs than horses in their stalls. Def worth the money that I spent on their two stalls."

- "My horse LOVES her ThuroBed Mattress!! She is much more comfortable than ever before. There's a great spring in her step!"

- "We have had these for over 10 years. They have held up in our boarding barn to large and small horses and our boarders love the money it saves them in bedding." – Jessica, NC