Solid Rubber Pavers


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Solid Rubber Pavers
Item Description

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Are you looking for a beautiful non-slip surface in and around your barn? Interlocking rubber pavers are an excellent choice to improve the safety of your horses' footing.

These interlocking rubber pavers can be installed inside or outside and lay side-by-side with an interlocking fit. They are made to lay on most hard surfaces and aesthetically improve the look and functionality of surfaces such as dirt, concrete, asphalt, etc. Pavers can withstand ice, water, and extreme temperatures.

Additionally, pavers can be easily cleaned and are great for walkways, equine walk areas, barn aisles, stables, wash areas, entrances, garden paths, driveways and more! The elegant, yet the natural environmental look of these interlocking pavers will be beautiful for years!

  • Note: The easiest way to cut pavers is with either a chop saw, cut-off saw, or band saw – band saw works the best.
  • Note: Rubber pavers are porous and absorb water, which can lead to expansion. Please keep covered until you install them; even as much as morning dew can cause them to expand.


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- In 2018 I was researching a flooring solution for my new barn. I purchased the Ramm pavers and installed them late 2018. I have so many compliments on my flooring. It's not slippery when wet. My farrier and veterinarian love it as it is cushioning on their feet. I'm now installing as the flooring for all outdoor areas / porches including entrance area for my new house. Rick is amazing to work with and helps at every stage of your process

- "We absolutely love our pavers! They look great. Thank you from all of us here at Majestic Horse Farm!"

- "I cannot believe the difference in my barns overall appearance since we installed the pavers. Well worth the effort and money spent."

- "The pavers in the aisle way of the barn have really added the perfect finishing touch. They look great and were so easy to install. Needless to say, I'll be using the pavers in my next barn!"

- "These rubber pavers have made a world of difference in our barn. Not only is it much warmer in the winter time but its much safer and more appealing to the public. When we originally built the barn… our contractor had recommended pouring cement for the aisle ways… Us being as anxious as we were agreed with it and what a mistake that was. The cement was so slippery and 9 out of 10 times when it would rain and we would bring in the horses there was a near episode of slipping and falling. Now that we have the pavers, we no longer have that issue. Also this sets us apart from many of the other boarding facilities in our area.'