12' x 12' ThuroBed Mattress System

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Our 12' x 12' mattress system is made by ThuroBed. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the mattresses and a 3 year limited warranty on the top cover. The ThuroBed mattress system creates a healthier environment for your horses.

12' x 12' ThuroBed Mattress System
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The ThuroBed Mattress System provides a healthier living environment for your horses. It has a resilient yet yielding surface, which matches the pasture and comes with a non-­‐slip surface for improved comfort and traction. This system has also been linked to reducing hock sores on horses. The mattress system decreases muck out time, because it uses up to 75% less bedding than other systems and stalls mats. With less bedding there will be up to 2/3 less manure for disposal, reduced ammonia levels and a dust-­‐free eating surface, so your horses can eat and breathe easy.

The ThuroBed Mattress Systems feature a 3-­‐year warranty on the entire system. The warranty covers normal, everyday use and proper installation. When the system is cared for and maintained properly, it will last for well over 3-­‐years. We have customers today that are still using their original systems from 1999. The system only needs to be hosed off with some water, do not use a power washer to clean the top cover. It can also be disinfected with a 5% diluted bleach solution.

- “ The difference is amazing between the Thurobed System and plain rubber mats for flooring applications with horses. We have 3 Thurobeds that we installed in February of 2014 for our horses. We are using roughly half the shavings we were previously. We clean the stalls regularly and only need to refresh the shavings weekly when the horses are out on nature during the nicer days. On rougher weather when the horses don’t make it out for a full day we tend to clean the stalls twice a day and still only see ourselves adding new shavings on a limited basis. Our horses do not have any lower leg issues, nor do I expect them to develop any now that we have the Thurobeds. When I’m in the barn doing chores for an extended period of time MY legs and back get sore between the hard cement and rubber mats in the center aisle. I usually step in the stalls with the Thurobeds and feel an almost instant relief! When we have guests visiting the barn, we are often standing in the center aisle talking for extended periods of time. As the conversation progresses and again MY legs and back start to get sore, I step into a stall with the Thurobed System. Our guests are amazed at how comfortable yet secure and sturdy they are. I can’t imagine how much the horses like the stalls if I get that kind of relief from them! We have 4 more stalls that we will be adding Thurobeds to in the near future!” Live, Love, Laugh, Bill Dries Triple L Family Farm Kennebunkport, ME

- We have had the mattress system for over ten years now and I really cant say enough good things about it.they are still as soft and springy as the day they were installed and the top covers have proven to be very durable and have not needed replaced even with the stalls in constant daily use. My muckng out time and bedding use have both been drastically reduced and the horses are comfortable lying down even with minimal bedding. My older horses have much less leg swelling and hock sores are a thing of the past too. I would highly recommend this product. They are only slightly more difficult to install versus regular stall mats and the savings on bedding and time easily pay back the increased purchase cost.

- I have used the Thurobed system for years now. Every stall has it. I used to have dirt floors and use shavings or put stall mats and then shavings. The bacteria build up was not only unhealthy for my horses, but it was labor intensive. I ride dressage and so my horses deserve something cushy and relaxing when they are finished with their workouts. They now come into clean, no maintenance, comfortable stalls. They are soft and very easy to clean. They emulate a pasture so they love to lay down on them. Dirt floors are hard and can get really dirty. My horses wound up with hock sores all the time. The amount of shavings I use is about 1/4 of what I used to use. Cleaning and maintenance is very minimal. My horses have actually all stopped going to the bathroom inside as well. I would not use anything else but this system for my horses. Candice Warren Bellingham, Washington

- We purchased the Thurobeds with our custom welded stalls a few years ago and the most noticable thing is the savings on bedding. One of my stalls almost doesnt use any. Also, I have a mare who often becomes lame and she's been getting around much better with the beds. Mike, Afton, MN

- Worth every penny! The money I saved from not using as much shavings made this well worth the investment. Not to mention our big guy is acting like a yearling again.! Thanks for the great product and I wish I had put them in earlier. RL MA