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  • Electric Fence Warning Signs (3-Pack)

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    Electric Fence Warning Signs (3-Pack)

    Highly-visible electric fence warning signs make people aware there's an electric fence present and it's not safe to touch. The unique notching allows the sign to be attached to almost any fence rail! Sold in packs of 3.

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  • Cut-Off Switch


    Cut-Off Switch

    This cut-off switch is used to either open or cut-off the electrical current to your fencing rail. Rails that can touch tall grass, snow build-ups, or anything else that can disrupt your electric current should have a cut-off switch.

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  • Lightning Arrester


    Lightning Arrester

    Need an effective way to protect your electric fence charger from lightning surges? This lightning arrester creates a path of least resistance, diverting any lightning surges back to the ground. Protect your investment with a lightning arrester!

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  • Black Webbing (50' Roll)


    Black Webbing (50' Roll)

    This 50' roll of black webbing allows you to install roller insulators at trees, corner posts, and end posts. It works well with non-flat surfaces when you're mounting the roller insulator. Secure your insulators so there's no slipping!

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