Lightning Arrester


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Need an effective way to protect your fence charger from lightning surges? Protecting the fence charger from lightning strikes on the fence line. This lightning arrester creates a path of least resistance, diverting lightning surges to the ground.

Lightning Arrester
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When a lightning surge travels along the electrified rail to the arrester, the current is diverted through the arrester into the ground saving your fence charger. Can be mounted on a hot fence with a split bolt or mounted to any post. It is installed between the hot rail and the fence charger. It acts as a surge protector, just like you would have on your computer or electronic devices in your home.

Install at each corner of the fence for added protection. Connect fence wire to lightning arrester and ground rods using high voltage underground/burial wire for all connections.

Note: Requires a separate ground rod system consisting of three 6' or 8' long ground rods spaced 10' apart.