Nobleman Stall Doors

  • Nobleman Grill Top Door

    SKU: NMA

    Nobleman Grill Top Door

    The Nobleman sliding grill top door has an European flare while still being functional and strong. We offer closer bar spacing on our Nobleman stall door for your horse's safety. Our number one mission is to create safe living quarters for horses.

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  • Nobleman Grill Top V-Door

    SKU: NMB

    Nobleman Grill Top V-Door

    The Nobleman horse stall door with the v insert in the top grill allows horses to be sociable. It also allows customers to interact with their horses without opening the stall door.

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  • Nobleman Full Grill Door

    SKU: NMG

    Nobleman Full Grill Door

    Keep the shavings in the horse stall while being able to see everything that is going on in the stall. The Nobleman full grill door does just that and more with added ventilation from the bottom grill section.

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  • Nobleman Full Grill V-Door

    SKU: NMH

    Nobleman Full Grill V-Door

    This European inspired designer horse stall door lets horses interact through the sliding stall door. It comes with a fully welded construction for superior strength and durability.

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  • Nobleman Mesh Grill Door

    SKU: NMJ

    Nobleman Mesh Grill Door

    This Nobleman sliding stall door gives your barn an elegant and classy look with its European influence. The mesh bottom is great for young foals or babies, because it makes it very hard for them to get their heads or hooves caught.

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  • Nobleman Mesh Grill V-Door

    SKU: NMK

    Nobleman Mesh Grill V-Door

    The Nobleman mesh v-door is a very versatile horse stall door. It is great for all ages, promotes ventilation, socialization and makes your equine barn stand out from the rest with it's European design.

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  • Nobleman Full Mesh Door

    SKU: NMI

    Nobleman Full Mesh Door

    This heavy-duty full mesh stall door provides 100% ventilation and visibility while creating a beautiful looking stall door. Super strong 1/4 inch wire mesh and formed 12-gauge door frame combine to create an extremely durable door.

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With our custom Nobleman stalls, you can choose exactly what door you would like for your horses’ exact needs. Our beautiful doors are made with closer bar spacing - 2 7/8" for safer containment. The heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction frame has 16-gauge tubes that are welded internally. This not only hides the welds to give a cleaner and smooth finish, but increases the strength of the welded joints.

Each Nobleman door is primed with a zinc-enriched powder primer which adds an additional layer of protection. Door designs come in grilled, mesh, or solid styles, using any combination for top and bottom sections of the Nobleman door. Top V-opening is available if you would like your horses to socialize, and for better ventilation. We will also make your stalls and doors the color of your choice from the R.A.L. color wheel.

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