Horse Stall Grill Bar


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These 16-gauge, 7/8" diameter horse stall grill bars are both economical and rugged. They can be easily removed from the grillwork, allowing you to be able to customize your stalls down the road or if you move, they increase your property value!

Compatibility: Derby & Essex Stalls

Horse Stall Grill Bar
Item Description

These easy to install grillwork bars are economical and rugged. They will turn your barn into a showplace. These 16-gauge galvanized steel bars can withstand the abuse versus other horse stalls that use aluminum bars (which bend very easily and can cause severe injuries!).

What sets RAMM's horse stall grill bars apart is that they can be easily removed from the grillwork. This allows you to be able to customize your horse stalls with feed openings and/or feed doors down the road if your horse’s needs change or if you ever decide to move (property value+). They are compatible with any Derby or Essex horse stall systems.