Derby Feed Opening Kit, Galvalume


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The Derby's feed opening kit lets you feed your horses from outside of your stalls without ever having to step inside of the stall! They add both functionality and elegance to your stalls.

Compatibility: Derby Stalls

Derby Feed Opening Kit, Galvalume
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The Derby's feed opening kit is economical and serving all of your horses at once during feeding time can be very efficient. These also come in handy when boarding horses, so strangers entering stalls don't spook them. This feed opening will add both functionality and beauty to your Derby series stall fronts!

Installation: Decide where the feed opening is going to be located. Cut two stall grill bars to the desired length (bars cut to 22” will give you approximately a 12” opening). Slide the feed opening plate over the two outer bars of the opening. Let the feed opening plate rest on the bottom grill channel. Insert the two cut stall grill bars in the top grill channel and slide the feed opening plate up - until it is tight with the two cut bars. Use the four supplied hex head self-drillers to hold the feed opening plate in place through holes in the feed opening plate.