#8-18 x 3/4" Hex Head Self-Driller Screw for Feed Opening, Zinc-Plated

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The Derby & Essex series uses four 8-18 x 3/4" hex head self-drillers when installing a feed opening kit. You can purchase a replacement or extra just to have around. Sold Individually.

Compatibility: Derby & Essex Feed Openings

#8-18 x 3/4
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RAMM's Derby & Essex horse stall series uses four 8-18 x 3/4" hex head self-driller screws when installing a feed opening kit. They're included with feed opening kits for both stall series, however, we also sell them individually should you need a replacement or want any extra just to have around. Feed openings add both functionality and beauty to your horse stall fronts!

Installation: Decide where the feed opening is going to be located. Cut two stall grill bars to the desired length (bars cut to 22” will give you approximately a 12” opening). Slide the feed opening plate over the two outer bars of the opening. Let the feed opening plate rest on the bottom grill channel. Insert the two cut stall grill bars in the top grill channel and slide the feed opening plate up - until it is tight with the two cut bars. Four 8-18 x 3/4" hex head self-driller screws are required to hold the feed opening plate in place through holes in the feed opening plate.