Arena Dust Control

  • Moisture Lok Dust Control

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    Moisture Lok Dust Control

    Moisture Lok dust control acts like a sponge absorbing water, then it releases water back into the arena surface when needed. This will help cut down the dust and promote a cleaner riding environment.

    Product Details

Moisture Lok arena dust control is an odorless, non-toxic, and non-hazardous cross-linked acrylamide copolymer. It acts as a super-sponge, absorbing and storing nearly two hundred times its dry weight in water. It then releases the moisture into the arena surface as needed. A moist surface will control dust and give the arena a more consistent and softer texture and create a cleaner, less dusty environment for both the horse and rider.

We tested a sample size of Moisture Lok by pouring water into a cup with it... here are the results!