Electric Fence Strobe Alert


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Want to know if your electric horse fencing system is working without having to touch it and get shocked? The electric fence alert will verify that your electric fence is working properly and is energized with a warning light for low voltage.

Electric Fence Strobe Alert
Item Description

The electric fence strobe alert starts working when your fence stops! When your fencing system has low or erratic voltage, the light will flash. There is the choice of two low-voltage trigger levels and it can easily be clipped onto your fence rail. The battery lasts up to 5 years on standby or 2 weeks active, which is a replaceable CR2032 lithium cell battery.

Note: The actual voltage at which the trigger operates may vary slightly, depending on fence construction. This electric fence alert works will all pulsed fence energizers/chargers.



- I love that this tell's me exactly when there is something wrong with my electric!

- This product is a must have with any electric fence! Saves you time and worry knowing you can look out and night and see if you have something wrong with the fence simply by seeing the red flashing light!!! Works great at our farm cause we have alot of really big paddocks that id rather not go out at night and walk around:) Great product!

- We purchased the fence alert about a year ago. Not only does this device give me a peace of mind knowing that I can immediately look out my kitchen window and see if the fence is working properly, but it saves me from having to make my husband go out and touch it every night. ( He didn’t like that very much) Great Product to invest in!