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The Fault Finder is a must-have troubleshooting tool for anyone who owns electric fencing. The combined voltage/current meter rapidly locates faults on the LCD display screen. The cordless design doesn't require a ground probe!

Fault Finder
Item Description

The Fault Finder is a combined voltmeter and current meter that rapidly locates electric fence faults. The large LCD display screen is very easy to read; it displays the electric fence's voltage and electric current. This Fault Finder cordless design doesn't require a ground probe like most units!

Voltage Range: 0.3 to 18 kV
Current Range: 2 to 150 amps
Battery: 9V Alkaline

Top Features:

  • Combined voltmeter and electric current meter
  • A large LCD screen displays fence voltage reading or electric current reading
  • Can be used with any brand of low-impedance or pulsating electric fence charger/energizer
  • Cordless design - no ground probe required
  • Impact and water-resistant case, with an integrated belt clip
  • Low-battery warning system


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