Fence Testers

  • Electric Fence Alert


    Electric Fence Alert

    Want to know if your electric horse fencing system is working without having to touch it and get shocked? The electric fence alert will verify that your electric fence is working properly and is energized with a warning light for low voltage.

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  • LED Electric Fence Tester

    SKU: R27

    LED Electric Fence Tester

    Test your electric fence with this LED electric fence tester, where there are five indicator lights that show you the amount of voltage currently running on your fence line. This is our most economical fence tester available!

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  • Digital Volt Meter

    SKU: DVM

    Digital Volt Meter

    For use with all types of different electric horse fences, this digital volt meter tests your voltage output. The digital readout allows you to see how strong your voltage is to your fence. This is an easy, one-touch operation.

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  • Fault Finder


    Fault Finder

    The Fault Finder is a must-have troubleshooting tool for anyone who owns electric fencing. The combined voltage/current meter rapidly locates faults on the LCD display screen. The cordless design doesn't require a ground probe!

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  • Fault Finder Plus Remote


    Fault Finder Plus Remote

    The fault finder plus remote is a combined voltmeter and current meter. It rapidly locates electric fence faults and has remote control technology with 9 channels for pairing. *Battery is sold separately.

    Compatibility: FP7500XR and FP24000XR Fence Chargers

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  • Fence Alarm

    SKU: RPFA5005

    Fence Alarm

    You are only a text message away from knowing your horse fencing system's condition and voltage readings. Fence Alarm will notify you within seconds of any fence related issue. With Fence Alarm, peace of mind is only seconds away!

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Want to test your electric fence to see if it is working properly? With RAMM's electric horse fence testers, you will be able to access your fence's voltage and current output readings. It's always good to be prepared and to have the knowledge of how well your electrical fence is working, rather than to be unaware of an electrical problem.

Stay connected with your fence 24/7 with the brand new Fence Alarm app! You are only a text message away from knowing your fence's condition and voltage. Fence Alarm will notify you within seconds of any fence related issue. Check your fence status anytime, from home or on the road.

RAMM TIP - To determine what charger to use for your electric fence: length width square footage. The square ft. divided by 43,560 = the number of acres. Acre listings are given for each charger.