Digital Volt Meter


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For use with all types of different electric horse fences, this digital volt meter tests your voltage output. The digital readout allows you to see how strong your voltage is to your fence. This is an easy, one-touch operation.

Digital Volt Meter
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The digital voltmeter tests your voltage output to determine if there is sufficient voltage on the fence to control the animals. The large and easy-to-read digital display accurately measures the fence rail and fence charger voltage to see how strong your voltage is. This is an easy, one-touch operation for use with all types of different electric horse fences. Additionally, this digital electric fence tester automatically turns on/off when testing the fence or fence charger.

*Note: Requires a 9V battery (not included).


Testing Your Fence: 

  • Push the ground probe into the earth.
  • Touch the fence contacts to the fence rail. (For Pro-Tek electric tape, insert between contact and rotate 1/4 turn. *Voltage is displayed while maintaining contact with the fence rail.


Testing Your Fence Charger:

  • Touch the ground probe to the ground terminal.
  • Touch fence contact to the fence terminal.


Finding Electrical Faults:

  • If the fence voltage is lower than 2000V, make sure to check the ground rods, wire connections, and insulators. Studies show a minimum of 2,000V are required to control most livestock and harder to control animals require a minimum of 4,000V.
  • To find a fault you will need to travel along the fence-line, checking every 300'.