12.5-Gauge Crimp Sleeves (100-Pack)

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These galvanized 12.5-gauge crimp sleeves are used to splice together high-tensile coated wire horse fencing. Please make sure to crimp in a cylinder shape and not in an 8 shape! Sold in packs of 100.

Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline
Tool: Crimp Tool

12.5-Gauge Crimp Sleeves (100-Pack)
Item Description

12.5-gauge galvanized crimp sleeves are used to terminate and splice together high tensile wire horse fencing. Three crimp sleeves are used when splicing together 12.5-gauge high tensile wire. Two crimp sleeves are used at end posts and for in-line tensioners. using the recommended amount of crimp sleeves makes sure the wire is still holding it's original strength of the wire. Do not split the crimp sleeve into a figure 8 shape. It should look like a circle when crimped. For best results, keep the crimp sleeves dry before using.

- Ive used in the past and they are okay. I like the coated wire sleeves you offer now. No crimp tool needed with those.