End Post Fence Tensioner


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With the end post fence tensioner, you can terminate and tension your coated wire fencing rail all at the same time! The end post fence tensioner can be installed in seconds using only one, 5" ring shank nail.

Compatibility: Raceline & Shockline
Tool: Tensioner Handle

End Post Fence Tensioner
Item Description

This tensioner attaches to end posts and keeps your fencing sturdy and taut, and it provides a barrier of safety for your horses. Round smooth edges designed to protect your horse from injuries. Built for horse enthusiasts, by horse enthusiasts.

You can end and tension your coated wire horse fencing all at once, with our end post fence tensioner. The end post fence tensioner installs within seconds, using only one 5" ring shank nail (sold separately).

- " Easy to use and durable", John, SD

- Much more heavy duty than the other you only offered. I prefer this one.