Essex Grilled Window Kit


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Protect your barn windows with Essex grilled window kits. Choose from seven different sizes to fit your opening properly. They can be cut-to-size and everything's included for installation.

Essex Grilled Window Kit
Item Description


Protect your stall windows with Essex grilled window kits; they will prevent your horses from kicking out your expensive windows. They are ideal for windows that never need to be opened or do not need to be accessed. Bars can be replaced quickly and easily, unlike welded window grills. There are seven different kit sizes available to choose from: 

  • 36" W x 24" H 
  • 24" W x 36" H
  • 32" W x 36" H
  • 36" W x 36" H 
  • 36" W x 48" H  
  • 48" W x 36" H
  • 48" W x 48" H


Kit Includes:

  • 2, Window Channel Frames  (*The angle iron around the frame measures 1/2" smaller than the opening.)
  • 2, Grill Channel Frames
  • ¾" Window Grill Bars
  • ¾" Window Grill Grommets
  • Stall Screws


Installation: These grilled window kits are not one, solid piece; they need to be assembled. They can be cut-to-fit for an in-between size opening.

- "They arrived fast and furious. Won't be until spring before installation. Gonna leave them boxed so I do not loose any parts. Its my second order of these. Liked the first ones so well. So easy to put together the 14 yr old daughter did it. Liked them so well I did not hesitate to order again. Don’t even have the windows yet that’s how well I liked this product. Doing the project around the grills. Great look on the inside. Had a few compliments and people asking where I got them. Sent them your way."

- "Window kits came quickly and went in easily. Thank you for the great customer service." - Dennis, PA

- "These really added the look we wanted without breaking the bank."

- "Worked great to protect our glass windows!"

- "We are very impressed with the quality of (the stall) windows. If you have customers that need to inspect your product in this area, please have them contact us. We will be glad to have them visit our farm." - Doug, NY