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Prevent your horse from cribbing and protect your stall walls! Most horses love to chew on exposed wood, such as stall walls and stall posts. Protect all of your wood edges your horse(s) may come into contact with, with our 93.5" post edging.

Post Edging
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*Out of stock until July*


Stop your horses from cribbing before it starts! Screw the galvanized, all-steel 93.5" post edging onto your exposed wood to prevent cribbing. They protect your posts and stalls from your horse, while also protecting your horse from colic and wood splitters. Wood chewing is common in foals as their incisors come in, so cover your exposed lumber with our sturdy metal edging today! 


*Note: Requires 14 stall screws (sold separately) for installation. You may purchase them here.

**Shipping: Surcharge shipping due to the 93.5" length. We recommend you purchase with your stalls or in bulk to save on freight. They may also be picked up at our location in Swanton, OH.

- "The post edging worked so well in the stalls we are now using it outside where the pasture is right off the barn. It keeps them from chewing up the barn and we love it."

- "We had to update our stalls with the wall capping and post edging because they don't ever stop chewing the wood. These have kept us from constant up keep."