Window Grills

Window grills are a great addition to any horse stall that has or will have windows. The benefits window grills provide are they improve ventilation, let in more natural light, and protect your windows from horses' kicking or knocking into them. When horses are kept in their stalls for extended periods of time, they have a tendency of becoming curious. This additional protection alleviates most possibilities of injury pertaining to windows... and nothing is worse than an unexpected vet visit or house call. 

At RAMM, all of the grilled window frames are made out of 14-gauge, heavy-duty galvanized steel. The bars used are 7/8" 16-gauge steel and spaced at 3.25" on-center for safety. We have a few different options to choose from:

  • Welded Grilled Hinged Window - A welded grilled hinged window frame gives you peace of mind that your expensive glass window is protected. This window grill comes with an easy pull transom latch for opening/closing and the hinges make it easily accessible to clean your windows.  *Custom sizes available upon request!

  • Welded Grilled Window - The welded grilled window frame frames protect your expensive glass windows. The bars are welded to the window frame to add durability, strength, and to protect your horses with a close bar spacing, so their hooves won't get trapped.  *Custom sizes available upon request!

  • Essex Grilled Window Kit - Protect your barn windows with Essex grilled window kits. Choose from seven different sizes to fit your opening properly. They can be cut-to-size and everything's included for installation. Bars can be replaced quickly and easily, unlike the welded grilled window frames mentioned above. However, this grilled window kit is not a solid piece; it needs to be assembled. Kits are available in multiple sizes ranging from 36" x 24" up to 48" x 48".  


If you're interested in pricing or a shipping quote, we welcome you to contact a knowledgeable RAMM account manager at 800-434-6296.