Horse Stall Fans

  • 18" Indoor/Outdoor Basket Fan, Black

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    The RAMM 18" indoor/outdoor basket fan is designed specifically for agricultural use. Unlike most fans, which are not meant for use in barns, the RAMM 18" basket fan has an enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings, so it can be used in wet locations! These fans are an excellent choice for wash bays and stables. *At checkout for this product, 'No Shipping Required' = Free Shipping* The order will ship and you will receive a tracking number email within 1-2 business days

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  • 24" Indoor/Outdoor Oscillating Wall Mount Fan, White



    This 24" indoor/outdoor oscillating wall mount fan is a 3-speed, waterproof fan that runs with an especially quiet operation and has a 93ยบ range of oscillation. Includes a wall mount bracket and a 3-prong plug.

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  • Stainless Steel 4-Nozzle Misting Cross

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    Stainless Steel 4-Nozzle Misting Cross

    When air exchange and fan recirculation is not enough to cool your environment, consider this stainless steel cross, 4-way misting system. This misting system comes completely assembled.

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These horse stall fans are manufactured specifically to handle tough conditions for agricultural use (wet, dusty, or extreme heat areas). Many equestrian rehabilitation facilities, veterinarians, and horse owners alike use our fans every day to keep their horses cool. These fans range from 1-3 years in manufacturer warranties and can stand up to heat, humidity, and condensation.

Product Spotlight:  18" Basket Fan 
Unlike most fans which are not meant for use in barns, the 18" basket fan has a totally enclosed motor with sealed ball bearings (meaning it can be used in wet locations!) and is designed for agricultural use. These fans can even be sprayed down to remove dust and dirt, making them an excellent choice for wash bays and stables. Your horses will not only love the added air circulation in their horse stall, but they will love you for making them more comfortable! Who wants to be stuck in a stuffy room with no fresh air?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many fans sold in farm and home improvement stores are dangerous to use in barns. These include all box fans and most floor-type basket fans. Unless the fans have completely sealed motors, they will NOT be rated for agricultural use.  Be sure to check the instruction manual before purchasing - as many will state on the front page "for residential use only".  This is true for ceiling fans as well (RAMM's are agriculturally-rated). Electrical fires are a leading cause of preventable horse deaths. In 2007, 44 horses were killed in a barn fire caused by a fairly new box fan. There is a website dedicated to fire safety in barns where you can view perspectives on first-hand experiences of how the wrong fan can be a deadly cost-cutting measure... don't become a statistic.