Premium Track 1/2" x 9" Offset Trolley Bolt & Nuts, Zinc-Plated


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Premium offset trolley bolts connect Premium track trolleys to your sliding stall door track system. The trolley goes through the top of the door and suspends it, allowing it to slide smoothly.

Compatibility: Premium Track Trolley

Premium Track 1/2
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Premium track offset trolley bolts connect premium track trolleys {sold separately} to your sliding door track system. The trolley goes through the top of the stall door and suspends the door, thus allowing the door to freely slide down the track. Compatible with the Essex and Oxford horse stall systems.


  • 1, 1/2" x 9" Offset Trolley Bolt
  • 1, Trolley Nut
  • 1, Flanged Trolley Nut



  • Insert the offset trolley bolt through the hole in the Premium track trolley wheel assembly {sold separately}.
  • Thread the trolley nut approximately 3-3/8” onto the offset trolley bolt.
  • Feed the offset trolley bolt through the holes from the top of the door header.
  • Thread flanged trolley nut on the end of the offset trolley bolt and hand-tighten.  *Do not fully tighten until the stall front is complete.
  • Final adjustments in the door alignment can be made after the door is hung on a track.
  • The trolley bolt can be rotated to adjust the space between the doorpost and the door.