Premium Track Trolley, Zinc-Plated


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The Premium track trolley is used for hand-sliding stall doors in the 8' Premium track. With no metal-to-metal contact, it functions very quietly. Sold individually, two trolleys and bolts are needed per door.

Compatibility: Premium Track Offset Trolley Bolt

Premium Track Trolley, Zinc-Plated
Item Description

The Premium track trolley is used for hand-sliding stall doors in the 8' Premium track. Sold individually, two trolleys and two offset trolley bolts {sold separately; determined by stall series} are required for each horse stall door installation. 

The trolleys have two rugged nylon wheels and sealed, greased roller bearings to ensure a smooth operation for years. Since there is no metal-to-metal contact, this system functions very quietly and the greased fitting allows for a “one-touch” operation.


  • Insert the offset trolley bolt {sold separately; determined by stall series} through the hole in the Premium track trolley wheel assembly.
  • Thread the trolley bolt nut approximately 3-3/8” onto the offset trolley bolt.
  • Feed the offset trolley bolt through the holes from the top of the door header.
  • Thread trolley bolt flanged nut on the end of trolley bolt and hand-tighten.  *Do not fully tighten until the stall front is complete.
  • Final adjustments in the door alignment can be made after the door is hung on a track.
  • The trolley bolt can be rotated to adjust the space between the doorpost and the door.