• Ground Rod Kit

    SKU: GR3

    Ground Rod Kit

    This ground rod kit comes with everything you need to get your electric fence up and running – including three 5' ground rods, three clamps, and 5' of galvanized wire. Proper grounding ensures safer horses!

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  • Ground Rod & Clamp

    SKU: GR1

    Ground Rod & Clamp

    Ground rods are used to ground electric fence systems. They also protect the investment you have in your fencing system(s) and fence charger(s). If you have a lot of lightning, think about adding an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor!

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  • Ground Rod Clamp

    SKU: GRC

    Ground Rod Clamp

    Ground rod clamps are used with your ground rods to ground your electric fencing system, and protects your investment. If you have a lot of lightning, think about adding an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor!

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  • High-Voltage Burial Wire

    SKU: R*

    High-Voltage Burial Wire

    Stainless steel high-voltage burial wire is used for running and connecting electricity to your electric horse fence system. Choose what roll size you'd like from 50', 100', and 200' rolls.

    Compatibility: Coated Wire, Tape, Braid, & Rope

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  • Tinned Copper Lead Out Wire

    SKU: EB2*

    Tinned Copper Lead Out Wire

    Tinned copper lead-out is highly conductive and used for connecting the fence charger to an electric fence rail, connecting strand to strand, connecting power under gates, and it can be buried.

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  • Copper-Clad Ground Rod


    Copper-Clad Ground Rod

    The copper-clad ground rod promotes proper grounding of electric horse fence chargers. If your charger isn’t grounded properly, your fence won’t maintain a secure perimeter for your horses.

    Compatibility: ElectroBraid™

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  • Lightning Arrester


    Lightning Arrester

    Need an effective way to protect your electric fence charger from lightning surges? This lightning arrester creates a path of least resistance, diverting any lightning surges back to the ground. Protect your investment with a lightning arrester!

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  • Cut-Off Switch


    Cut-Off Switch

    This cut-off switch is used to either open or cut-off the electrical current to your fencing rail. Rails that can touch tall grass, snow build-ups, or anything else that can disrupt your electric current should have a cut-off switch.

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Grounding your electric horse fence system is a very important step you cannot overlook when installing your fencing. The grounding system works as an alternative route for electrical current to follow back to the ground, in case something should go wrong with the wiring.

If you have Shockline or a Pro-Tek electric fence series, we have a ground rod kit that includes everything you need to ground your electric fencing. Should you have a copper-based fence system (like ElectroBraid™), you will need copper fencing supplies, not stainless steel.

*Important Note: If you have a lot of lightning, you can add an additional ground rod and lightning arrestor. The lightning arrestor will protect your [investment] electric fencing and fence charger should a lightning bolt strike your fencing.